Weekly Net

Grant County Amateur Radio Club W9EBN Weekly Net

When: Sunday 20:30 Eastern Time

Where: 146.7900 (PL 141.3)

GrantARC holds a weekly net on Sunday evenings at 2030 hours local time on the W9EBN Primary 146.7900 PL 141.3.

The net is an FM Voice Directed Net.

Everyone is encouraged to participate no matter where you are as long as you can reach the repeater.

Topics range from daily activities, to weather to buy/sell/swap and all other aspects of amateur radio.


When the net starts there will be a pause for emergency traffic.

Then there will be a call for announcements.

Next is a call for short-time and mobile check-ins with no traffic.

Last will be a call for regular check-ins with traffic. You will be called by the first letter of your call signs suffix. If your call is KB9YEN you would respond when the Ys are called. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to hop in and ask the net control operator for instructions. They will always be happy to help you.